CREO Kitchensbrand of Gruppo Lube, the Italian leading furniture company with more than 50 years of experience.
A contemporary and trendy brand, always looking for functional, creative and affordable solutions. CREO Kitchens matches the beauty of a "Made in Italy" product with quality and leading edge design.
With CREO Kitchens you will find:

  • Latest updates on styles, trends, finishes and colours
  • Dedicated accessories
  • "Folding" processing of open units
  • Blum "Tandembox" drawers and deep drawers, standard equipped with dynamic slides holding 50 Kg
  • Amortized door standard equipped with Blum hinges including a new horizontal hinge plate
  • The best and most innovative appliances
  • Certified furniture and cabinets with the lowest formaldehyde emissions, for your safety


“Perfecting Motion” is the password: the opening and closing of furniture become an experience that increases the comfort of movement with Blum. The Blum accessories are convincing because of the impeccable functionality, they are appreciated for the long-standing design. There are mechanisms for shutter doors top open them easily, soft movements for drawers and pan drawers and many other solutions. Discover how easy it is to open and close furniture and let yourself be inspired to improve your home.

Wooden door processing

Our kitchens are manufactured with the Italian style and design that have always been a hallmark of our country's manufacturers. Using the highly technological system at its industrial plants, CREO recreates the Italian wood working tradition, introducing innovations and enthusiastically bringing it into the kitchens of lovers of fine crafted objects. Tradition at CREO is keeping pace with technological research and innovation. This allows the company to launch new models and state-of-the-art finishes on the market continually, including laser edging, targeting an increasingly wider audience that includes the most demanding customers, whose needs we satisfy through our customisation department.

Research and Innovation

Investing in knowledge is crucial for the survival of any business operating in today’s marketplace.

In the same way, innovation is a key strategic lever for increasing productivity. CREO Kitchens has always given the highest priority to its customers’ needs. It has dedicated significant resources to research and innovation as driving forces for entrepreneurial growth, but also as an opportunity for designing, developing and experimenting with new product solutions in line with current trends. This is why we use the latest technology to create kitchens of the best quality and safety standards, always with concern for the environment. The materials we use are not harmful to your family's health and our customer support is guaranteed, promising the best, customised solution.


Every material has its own specific technical and visual features and use and maintenance characteristics, so each requires greater or lesser care and attention.
Correct use and proper maintenance are essential to maintaining the kitchen over time. Just follow a few simple rules to ensure its beauty and duration.

certificationS and environment

The quality, performance and safety of CREO Kitchens are internationally recognised and certified.
The guarantees we offer our customers are the same ones that have characterised the Gruppo LUBE for many years. Peoples’ needs and well-being represent the core of all of our activities. This is why everyone feels safe and at home in spaces created by CREO Kitchens.


What is FSC® certification?
FSC® certification
is the principal mechanism of guaranteeing the origin of wood or paper and LUBE INDUSTRIES has decided to use this certification to publicise its commitment to the environment and support of the fight against uncontrolled deforestation and illegal cutting down of forests.
With FSC® certification, LUBE INDUSTRIES is promoting forest management that is respectful of the environment, socially useful and economically sustainable. Responsible forest management means not only protecting the natural environment and guaranteeing biodiversity and ecological processes, but also offering real benefits for populations, local communities and workers and economic efficiency.

How does the FSC® system work?
Chain of Custody (CoC) certification guarantees traceability of materials from FSC® certified forests and is essential in order to be allowed to apply FSC® labels on products. Possession of valid FSC® certification by each party on the Chain of Custody is a necessary condition to be able to sell a product as certified. Thanks to this certification, an organisation can provide the market with a guarantee on the origin of the wood or paper used for its products and therefore demonstrate, in a correct, transparent and controlled manner, its active contribution to responsible forest management.


The GREENGUARD Certification Program of UL (Underwriters Laboratories), one of the most recognized safety organizations in the world, founded in the United States over 125 years ago, certifies that all the structures of the CREO Kitchens brand products comply with the most rigorous in terms of emission levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by furniture, surfaces and paint as well as other harmful chemicals in indoor environments. This for guaranteeing their consumers about kitchens conceived and designed to help improving the quality of the air inside their home by making it cleaner and healthier.


Gruppo LUBE has obtained the Made in Italy UNI 11674.
The standard protects the purchaser by guaranteeing the Italian origin, safety and duration of the product, all features that are periodically checked by the two leading laboratories that test and certify furniture wood in Italy: CATAS and COSMOB.


CREO Kitchens products are made in accordance with an OHSAS 18001:2007 certified Occupational Health and Safety Management System. This demonstrates the company’s sensitivity and commitment towards safeguarding the health and safety of its employees, who are actively involved in diffusing a culture of safety, a topic that is becoming increasingly crucial in the modern workplace. The company's human capital constitutes an essential prerequisite for the objectives that CREO Kitchens is attaining in Italy, Europe and worldwide.


The quality of CREO Kitchens products is certified by the international UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, demonstrating our ability to supply products which conform to the specifications and expectations of our customers and to the requirements of applicable laws. In particular, the standard's target of improving customer satisfaction with the effective implementation of the System and the ongoing improvement of the company's business interests should be highlighted. This general principle is put into practice via a series of specific requirements. These must address the fact that Customer satisfaction has to be the goal at all times, not only in terms of the strict technical or technological aspects of the operation (the product), but also in terms of each aspect of the relationship with the Customer (the service).


The Gruppo LUBE implements the 14001 standard in all its production processes. CREO Kitchens is sensitive towards reducing environmental impacts and needless waste (e.g. through reduction of waste materials, re-use and recovery). It aims to maximise energy efficiency and to design and manufacture furniture items with low environmental impact giving preference to purchasing sustainable raw materials.


The company manufactures the structures of its furniture with Pannello Ecologico, a 100% recycled product made by Gruppo Saviola, and the first and the only one to be made from post-consumption wood. Pannello Ecologico was introduced onto the market in 1995 and is FSC-certified. It has always had formaldehyde emissions lower than the permitted minimums, even before the European Union imposed class E1. Pannello Ecologico is a guarantee of having chosen a safe and top-quality piece of furniture without cutting down any trees.


For its kitchen components, Gruppo LUBE uses material complying with EPA TSCA TITLE VI, one of the strictest set of environmental protection regulations.

* components means all structures, several doors and several model accessories.


It is possible to help the environment: CREO Kitchens does it every day by using only environmentally-friendly materials in the products it offers to its customers. These materials are totally recyclable and completely compatible with the use of food substances, and the energy needed to manufacture them is clean. All this means that, within the greater context of eco-sustainability, kitchens can be made that respect green values.

3 points that make CREO Kitchens
the most ecological in the world:

  • 40.800 M2 OF

  • 100%

  • Extremely low formaldehyde emissions

  • Istant Power

    1495.06 kW
  • Total Energy*

    32753.57 MWh

    Daily Energy

    14732.4 kWh
  • CO2 Saved*

    13003.17 ton

    Equivalent trees*


    Oil saved*

    6124.92 tep

*from activation of the plant.

13003tons of CO2 Saved

Affordable quality

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