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CREO Kitchens is a typically passionate Italian brand that loves to create new trends by giving form to ideas, creativity and style. Ours is a style that is made of respect and alignment with the history of our company and the globalized world. Quality, convenience, technological innovation, environmental awareness and end customer satisfaction are the values that underpin our industrial and design efforts.


To make sure your love for your new CREO Kitchens kitchen lasts as long as possible, our technicians have tested and carefully assessed every single constructional detail in order to check reliability, safety, ergonomics and resistance to wear.

Here at CREO Kitchens we support the culture of making, placing our know-how at your disposition for developing personalised design solutions that interpret your spaces with flexibility and creativity for concrete and shared results


For us here at CREO Kitchens being competitive doesn't mean just giving you ideas and inspiration to make you want our products. We want to make your dreams come true, and this is why we have dedicated much of our planning resources to finding the right balance between quality and price.

By sharing our experience with that of our designers and suppliers, we have managed to create a supply chain that allows us to use high quality materials and finishes. This allows us to produce models that are high quality, aesthetic and functional as well as being competitively priced.


Investing in knowledge is crucial for the survival of any business operating in today’s marketplace.
In the same way, innovation is a key strategic lever for increasing productivity. Creo Kitchens has always given the highest priority to its customers’ needs. It has dedicated significant resources to research and innovation as driving forces for entrepreneurial growth, but also as an opportunity for designing, developing and experimenting with new product solutions in line with current trends. This is why we use the latest technology to create kitchens of the best quality and safety standards, always with concern for the environment. The materials we use are not harmful to your family's health and our customer support is guaranteed, promising the best, customised solution.


We are always in touch with you and your needs thanks to our website and freephone number. We have an efficient customer care service, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Creo Kitchens consultants are at your service, helping you find the perfect kitchen to suit your needs in terms of style, space and storage. Everyone can find the formula to express their own style in CREO Kitchens, using a highly personalised mix of original and exclusive compositional solutions. CREO Kitchens combines different codes together in a playful game of matches and opposites, contemporary and traditional, colourful and neutral, in order to create completely unique and customised looks.


For any problem or query regarding your kitchen, contact the customer care service provided by the company.
We will process your request promptly and will endeavour to reply to you within a few days. Where necessary, we’ll contact your reseller and together we’ll find a solution that meets your expectations.


It is possible to help the environment: Creo Kitchens does it every day by using only environmentally-friendly materials in the products it offers to its customers. These materials are totally recyclable and completely compatible with the use of food substances, and the energy needed to manufacture them is clean. All this means that, within the greater context of eco-sustainability, kitchens can be made that respect green values.
Gruppo Lube has specially chosen materials that release very low levels of formaldehyde for the manufacture of kitchen structural components, which comply with the F4 Star standard. The same applies to eco-panels made from 100% recycled material.
4 points that make Creo Kitchens the most ecological in the world:

  • 27,000 M2 of solar panels
  • 100% recycled wood
  • Extremely low formaldehyde emissions
  • Compliant with the F4 Star standard


The quality, performance and safety of Creo Kitchens are internationally recognised and certified.
The guarantees we offer our customers are the same ones that have characterised the Gruppo Lube for many years. Peoples’ needs and well-being represent the core of all of our activities. This is why everyone feels safe and at home in spaces created by Creo Kitchens.

The company only uses ecological panels in its furniture, which are exclusively supplied by certified companies. "Ecological panels are a guarantee that you have chosen furniture of absolute quality without damaging the environment."

Gruppo Lube has chosen to exclusively use materials with very low formaldehyde emissions for the components making up the kitchen carcasses: these elements comply with the F4 Star standard according to JIS, certified by the Japanese government - the most stringent when it comes to environmental protection.

The quality of Creo Kitchens products is certified by the international UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, demonstrating our ability to supply products which conform to the specifications and expectations of our customers and to the requirements of applicable laws. In particular, the standard's target of improving customer satisfaction with the effective implementation of the System and the ongoing improvement of the company's business interests should be highlighted. This general principle is put into practice via a series of specific requirements. These must address the fact that Customer satisfaction has to be the goal at all times, not only in terms of the strict technical or technological aspects of the operation (the product), but also in terms of each aspect of the relationship with the Customer (the service).

Creo Kitchens products are made in accordance with an OHSAS 18001:2007 certified Occupational Health and Safety Management System. This demonstrates the company’s sensitivity and commitment towards safeguarding the health and safety of its employees, who are actively involved in diffusing a culture of safety, a topic that is becoming increasingly crucial in the modern workplace. The company's human capital constitutes an essential prerequisite for the objectives that Creo Kitchens is attaining in Italy, Europe and worldwide.

Affordable quality

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