Order and hygiene in the kitchen with the new waste bins

Whether you need to sort your waste or just place it out of sight, waste needs its own space in the kitchen, but finding the right arrangement is often difficult.

Gruppo LUBE offers a wide range of waste bins for its compositions, made with quality materials that can resist the wear and tear of daily use. Each container is a decent, functional solution, designed to ensure order and hygiene.


Ergonomics, easy installation and original design. These are the characteristics that are specific to the Ecofil and City waste bins with frontal pull-out.

Ecofil is a simple, durable and versatile product. The chromed steel wire that is fully recyclable completes the structure and it is possible to install different containers from the Cover Box series.

City is a container in recyclable plastic*, designed to allow you to collect all your waste in one space of limited size. The up and over door, positioned at the top, is useful for easily throwing away waste that is not bulky, whereas the top shelf can be used as a holder for detergents or sponges. All the waste bins in the City line also have a bucket with a filter on the lid to cope with unpleasant smells.


Whether you have a corner-based or linear kitchen, with large drawers that are more or less deep, choosing which part of the composition is to be used for collecting waste is never a factor of secondary importance.
Gruppo LUBE proposes Swing 2.0 and Metropolis, two different containers in terms of size but with the same function.

With a minimal design, Swing 2.0 is a swivel waste bin for doors which adapts to various furniture designs. According to needs, it can be mounted on both sides of the base unit, with the main container which can be divided internally to facilitate waste sorting.

Metropolis is a waste bin for deep drawers, that is modular and easy to assemble; its main strength is its flexibility and versatility, thanks to the removable plastic dividers. Available in 2 different heights and 3 different widths, the product offers the possibility of adding accessories in chromed steel wire, such as the detergent holder.


Fully integrated into the unit, Block 2.0 and Block 2.0 U-Sink are suitable for those looking for an extremely robust container, which is at the same time easy to install and to clean.

Fitted with a total pull-out mechanism with soft-closing and with the possibility of having automatic or manual opening, the two types of waste bins differ only in the way they are arranged in the kitchen.

  • Block 2.0 è progettato per ottimizzare al massimo lo spazio disponibile in basi con una grande capacità contenitiva.
  • Block 2.0 U-Sink is particularly suitable for the area under the sink, allowing it also to be inserted in base units with existing hinges.

Click here and find out how to best organize waste in yours kitchens designed by CREO Kitchens.

* Born from the collaboration with "Lineaguida".

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