Light and fragrant cooking styles with the Active Steam75 oven by Hotpoint

Three different levels of steam combined with traditional cooking: this is the secret of the Active Steam75 oven from the House of Hotpoint.

A high-performance product, designed for those wishing to prepare tasty, natural recipes on a daily basis. The steam cooking method preserves the taste and nutritional properties of the ingredients you use so that each dish remains tender and tasty even with a more modest use of fats and seasoning.


Thanks to the Active Steam75 technology, you can choose between three different levels of steam combined with the heating elements in the oven.

  • 75% steam, helps you reduce volume loss and allows you to cook a whole fish or fish fillets with less seasoning, and achieve light, tasty results.
  • 50% steam, reduces cooking times compared to traditional cooking and ensures great results especially with roasts and guarantees meat that is perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.
  • 25% steam, allows cakes and biscuits to rise perfectly and to be fantastically flaky.


Meat or fish or desserts: it does not matter what dish you want to cook. By following the three easy moves you can obtain crispy dishes on the outside that are soft on the inside.

The water you add to the tank with a capacity of 1.5 litres is released into the oven in the form of steam. In addition, thanks to the pump, at the end of every cooking cycle, the residual water is drained away.


The internal components of the Active Steam75 oven were designed to be the most user-friendly components on the market. Thanks to innovative, cutting-edge technology, you can achieve great performances in the kitchen on every occasion, just like real chefs.

  • The soft closing device, is a system which uses new-generation hinges to gently accompany the oven door, avoiding those abrupt closures.
  • Diamond Clean hydrolytic cleaning, uses the power of steam to clean the oven without detergents in just 35 minutes at a temperature of 90°C, ensuring significant energy savings and care for the environment.
  • Multiflow technology, an innovative ventilation system that with the 36 holes in the back panel, ensures perfect heat flow distribution inside the oven, without areas of recirculation.

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