Faber: end condensation in the kitchen with the Steam Off System

Mould and damp stains in the kitchen are often the result of condensation. One of the first signs may be signs of damp patches under and around the hood.

Condensation can now be made a thing of the past with the Faber Steam Off System - its double air action completely eliminates the condensation effect.

This Italian hood manufacturer has patented a new technology that eliminates the problem of condensation on kitchen units.

The process prevents the build-up of excess steam and thus helps prevent the formation of condensation on the surface of the hood and wall unit doors; it also ensures excellent smoke and odour extraction performance even at lower speeds.

The way it works is similar to breathing: the Steam off System allows the hood to extract smoke and vapours. With this system you can say goodbye to the annoying problem of condensation and the resultant formation of damp under and around the hood. La sua dinamica ricorda il respiro: Steam off System permette alla cappa di aspirare fumi e vapori. Grazie a questo sistema, è possibile dire addio al fastidioso problema della condensa e del suo deposito di umidità sotto e attorno alla cappa.

A totally effective technology that works both with traditional hood types and the more modern ones combined with induction hobs, which produce much less condensation.

Luft is the perfect Faber hood for people who use their Creo kitchen intensively, guaranteeing maximum comfort and functionality.

Faber hoods with Steam Off System technology let you cook without having to worry about condensation.

Watch the video to see Steam Off System in action:

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