Elica: Stream, for perfect ai quality in the kitchen

We often overlook the importance of a kitchen appliance that is crucial to our well-being and quality of life: the cooker hood. Its main function consists in improving the quality of the air by eliminating combustion fumes, bad odours and cooking vapours – harmful to both people as well as furniture and walls.

Maximising the air quality in your Creo Kitchen is now possible thanks to the Stream technology by Elica, the world leader in the cooker hood sector.

Stream is the new generation of intelligent systems that enable Elica cooker hoods and hobs to interact, guaranteeing comfort and well-being in the kitchen.

How does it work? A system of sensors, mounted between the hob and cooker hood, assesses the air quality and the amount of vapours generated during cooking. The hood’s performance is then automatically optimised to guarantee ideal air quality in the kitchen.

  1. The hob communicates to the hood the number and power of the zones switched on and the presence of pots.The cooker hood detects the amount of vapours generated through cooking and intervenes in real time by activating the optimal operating level.
  2. The hood analyses the quality of the vapours emitted and self-regulates to guarantee perfect air quality.
  3. The hood switches off automatically when there are no fumes to extract, thus preventing unnecessary wastages.

A straightforward, user-friendly and intuitive technology. Stream by Elica simplifies daily activities such as cooking and improves the indoor micro-climate of your Creo Kitchens.

Affordable quality

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